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I first heard of Tanglewood in an email from a friend. She mentioned a strange new release about a tree wanting to commit suicide. I thought it sounded completely awful. I thought I hated it already. I now know I love Tanglewood but there are things about it I don’t even like. Usually, I only lOVE a book when every tiny part feels perfectly right.Tanglewood (the tree character in Tanglewood) is physically restrained from being able to reach others. It watches, powerless, as seals, birds and dolphins cavort nearby. Tanglewood’s tale of isolation and loneliness is deeply moving. There is, of course, a moment of hope that gives Tanglewood something to hold on to so that it’s able to endure the loneliness until help returns.The book is beautifully designed and the illustrations are exquisite. Goodman’s landscapes ground the book with realism, yet are also charged with emotion. The illustrations are detailed and sweeping, like a real coastline I guess. It would take an artist to truly describe Goodman’s talent. The artwork encourages readers to explore the strong theme of nature and the environment. Others considering Tanglewood might praise the theme of family but it’s the lines about family that don’t really work for me. The story speaks to me of relationships, friendship and reaching out to others but the idea of family feels underdeveloped, imposed. Nevertheless, this book stands among my favourites for the powerful way it details sadness, hope and connection. I love this book.Read my longer review piece here: http://picturebooksilove.com/2015/06/...

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